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366pV-xF_400x400MacKenzie covers the Des Moines area for The Des Moines Register in Des Moines, Iowa. She’s a Midwestern, globally-minded journalist who speaks fluent Spanish and keeps a tent and sleeping bag in the trunk of her car in the event she finds a good camping spot.

Follow her on twitter @mckelmer or email her at melmer@dmreg.com.

She listens to her investigative instincts, no matter the subject.

She recently uncovered that the Iowa Insurance Division is ignoring state law which would otherwise prevent convicted felons from becoming licensed bail bondsmen. The results of the oversight have been deadly.

And, she and a colleague discovered that Iowa’s largest property tax cut in history failed to deliver what it promised on both sides of the aisle.

MacKenzie spent weeks compiling enough public records to detail the affair behind the and eventual murder-suicide of a troubled ex-Des Moines cop and his secret girlfriend. The series shed light on advocate’s concerns that Iowa’s domestic abuse law fails to provide enough protections for partners in dating relationships.

Without her Spanish-skills, the story of a Des Moines man who fought to keep his brother from being deported back to Mexico might have gone unnoticed. Constantino  Morales Roque was eventually murdered, his family says, by cartel members though local Iowans fought to get him asylum.

Roque’s family won asylum after the system failed their father.

MacKenzie previously covered education and health at the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, winning two investigative journalism awards for a series on mental health. Before that, she roamed the halls of the Iowa State Capitol covering the 2013 legislative session for the for The Associated Press.

She got her first professional journalism job at The Burlington Hawk Eye, reporting on the highly-controversial construction of a fertilizer plant by Egypt-based Orascom near the tiny town of Wever, Iowa. She left after four months to join The Associated Press, but not before publishing an investigation into a county narcotic’s task force and sale of seized goods over Ebay to cushion its budget.

During her college career at the University of Iowa, she worked as web manager and staff writer for the Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism. At IowaWatch, she wrote multiple long-form investigative pieces that underwent a grueling fact-checking process that has made her obsessive about accuracy.

While at IowaWatch, she spent a month following an HIV patient to show how Iowa’s now-reformed HIV criminal law stigmatized those struggling with the disease. She also wrote in-depth pieces on radon mitigation legislation and wrote a statewide piece for a national story with the Investigative News Network on the EPA’s Brownfields program.

She interned at two publications in Madrid, Spain and learned fluent Spanish there. While working for El País, she covered a demonstration by the 15M protestors and their scuffle with the police preceding the march.


2 responses to “About me

  1. I recently read your article about the young mother whom gave birth in the shower.
    Your article highlighted every negative aspect of the situation and set a very negative tone.
    After reading it I was extremely disappointed to see that you went for the unwed unprepared single black mother and left many things open for Interpratation. Highlighting her choice in a tattoo. That was inappropriate.
    You never discussed if she was safe and what assistance that she may need so that people who care and help her. She was fleeing from a domestic situation and you never tried to help. Shamefully taking an easy angle that puts emphasis on her lack of resources.
    I graduated from the Univeristy of Houston with a degree in Journalism, your work on this article pushed a very negative agenda. However, I’m sure you were praised by your colleagues and editors.
    Keep influencing people wih your words and expressing your journalistic integrity.
    God Bless

    • Hi Brooklyn:

      I just received your comment on my WordPress page concerning an article I wrote about a woman who gave birth to a baby named ‘Miracle’ in the shower. I’m assuming you read the USA Today version of the story which omitted my original paragraph that included information about how to help the mother. You’ll be happy to know that due to the press coverage, this woman who had very few resources got quite a few donations to care for her new child and other children.

      I do not control what USA Today does to my original stories, unfortunately. That’s up to the editors.

      Thank you for your comments and for reading!

      All the best,

      MacKenzie Elmer
      Breaking news reporter
      The Des Moines Register

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